Artimis 'Missy'


Missy is a human with redish hair that resembles firelight she is 5’ tall even and her eyes are her most distigishing feature her left eye is blue and her right eye is green.


Missy is from a royal family of a backwater little town called Fallcrest the people of which are very superstitious they are untrusting of anything that is magic which hold a bitter taste for her and her mother that are both wizards. Her mother is the one that currently rule the small city as her father athough he is in good health has had a accident which as made him nothing less then incompatant because he mind isn’t all there the family is working on fixing him and the citizens of Fallcrest do not know of his mental state. Missy is also the youngest of 4 children, her older brothers are very well educated and her older sister has the temper of a raging bull and the strength to go with it.

Artimis 'Missy'

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